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At the Quiddkids map you can see teams near you. So you can find where to play Quidditch.

Quidditch is a mixed inclusive sport where everyone is accepted.

This is a kind of introduction to this exciting sport! We have Eurocups, national leagues and even a world cup!

Muggle quidditch is a real sport, based on the magical sport, and adapted to be played. It is a mixed and inclusive sport.

In muggle quidditch, there are 7 players in each team:

  • 3 chasers: Must to introduce the ‘quaffle’ through the hopes. Each score is 10 points for his / her team.
  • 2 beaters: Must to hit (beat) the rivals with a softball ball, called ‘bludger’.
  • 1 keeper: Must to defend the hopes
  • 1 seeker: Must to grab the snitch runner

There is another player, that is not a member of either team.

Snitch runner: Must to scape from the seekers, like the magical snitch would do. When the snitch runner is catch, the team whose seeker has catch it receives 30 points to be added to the regular score.

Now, that you now what is muggle quidditch… Check out some videos to see if you like it:

And If you want to play Quidditch Search in if there is any team in your town or region.